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CAD Services

  • Integrated 3D conceptual design models“The power of seeing it all together.
    The projects Royal Huisman Shipyard and Ecolution are good examples”
  • Conversion of 2D drawings into 3D models“By far the most requested service I offer is: Transforming 2D information of any kind, from digital drawings to scanned in hand sketches, to 3D models. Almost all projects on the Projects page deal with it.”
  • Photo-realistic rendering“Most images on this site which look like photos are renderings made by myself using Rhino and Vray. For more examples see the Ecolution and No Limit page.”
  • Animation of models“A lot of design has to do with motion.
    Sometimes simple things like a swinging door or a drawer sliding out can make a big difference.
    Almost all my projects contain animations.”
  • Translation to CNC production“Rhino is not just a tool to get pretty pictures.
    I use it successfully for production as well.
    See No Limit and Marvis Yachting page”
  • Workshop drawings“The people on the workfloor will need simple printed drawings.... measurements. All the needed 2D information can be extracted from the 3D model.”

See examples for all these services on the Projects page.
For Rhino related services see Rhinoceros.
All services of Tobias Nagel are available in English, Dutch and German.
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