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company name: Tobias Nagel - CAD service
post address: Houtzagersstraat 23
9724 CV Groningen
The Netherlands

+31 (0)6 15027136
email: to the Contact page
skype: tobias-nagel
com. register: K.v.K Groningen 02069243


Mini Biography
Tobias Nagel was born 1968, in Varel, Germany.
In 1987 he finished his classic cabinetmaker training. One year later he started working at a small yacht-interior workshop.

“We were just 2 people building classic interiors incl. wooden decks, etc. That's where I learned the tricks of the trade.”

In 1994 he moved to Groningen, the Netherlands where he started his own workshop in 1997 named 'Tobias Nagel - meubelmaker'.

In 2001 Bert Kalsbeek from Marvis Yachting pointed out that certain parts of yacht interiors could be done quicker and much more accurately using a computer and CNC production. This turned out to be very true so Tobias Nagel bought his first computer.

From that time on he worked more and more with the computer supported by No Limit Ships in Groningen.

“Although I had no evidence that things would work out, the people at No Limit always trusted me. In the end it made them one of the most high-tech shipyards in the Netherlands.”

In 2005 Tobias Nagel closed his workshop to work 100% digitally as a 3D specialist.
2008 he renamed his company to 'Tobias Nagel - CAD service'
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