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The Ecolution is a 77-foot-schooner full of technical innovations which have never been applied to sailing ships before.
The design and much of the engineering were done in one integrated 3D model.
The 3D concept model of the Ecolution For Tobias Nagel the Ecolution was a big challenge.
The combination of all his knowledge and skills was needed:
Rhino modeling Brackets for the battery packs
All disciplines appear in the central design concept model by Tobias.
He also takes care of the output, like screenshots as discussion starters, printed 2D drawings, production DWG's, and photo-realistic renderings.
Wubbo Ockels
The Ecolution was build out of the initiative of Wubbo Ockels, physicist, astronaut, pilot and professor ( 2014).

He was one of the founders en directors of the Ecolutions BV

For more technical information and details about the project and the company visit:
Since Tobias is collecting all the information and adding it to the model, he has an excellent overview of the project as it develops. This has naturally made him an integrator. The one putting it all together...
“I have to admit, it wasn't easy to remember each and every agreement of a detail and put it in the right order of importance.
So I started on a component management script to give this new task of mine a bit of a structure (see also Rhino scripting underneath).”
The design and construction of the interior is also done by
Tobias Nagel in cooperation with Jan des Bouvrie and of course Joos en Wubbo Ockels.

Interior impressions
Rhino scripting
Almost all projects contain Rhino scripting. For the Ecolution a script was developed to bind information to certain objects.
Information like the exact model number, links to documentation either stored locally or on a remote server, telephone numbers, annotations, etc.

Now the 3D model combined with all that information acts as a guide for the owner of the ship to find elements with a search function.
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By the way...
The animation on top of the home page shows the back view of the Ecolution.
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