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Royal Huisman Shipyard

On a Dutch Rhino User Meeting Lambertus Oosterveen, CAD manager at Royal Huisman, asked Tobias Nagel to visit the shipyard and talk about the possibilities Rhino could offer...

2 years later there is a working system of a concept design group for every project. Each department is represented by a modeler filling the central 3D model. This concept design group has regular meetings where problematic areas are discussed and...most of the time...will be solved on the spot.

Deck equipment
Concept-Design Worksession
All disciplines in one integrated 3d model
2D vs 3D
Each department at Royal Huisman gets almost all information from architects and designers as 2D drawings.
The ever growing amount of 2D drawings is simply impossible to overlook and it will lead to clashes.

To improve this situation the shipyard was looking for a central 3D environment to find problems in an early stage.
The project
The integration of Rhino in such a fairly complicated CAD system like the one at Royal Huisman with dozens of workstations was and still is quite a challenge for Tobias.

“First I had to prove that Rhino is capable of handling this massive amount of data and since there were no modelers I had to draw everything myself.”

It didn't take long for the first benefits to show up.
So the next step was the training of modelers and training for the people who must be able to view the model and extract data.
Royal Huisman
Don't miss the beautiful website of Royal Huisman!
What’s left
There is an ongoing discussion about when and how to leave the concept model stage and go over to the production model. The goal is to extract as much data as possible from the detailed 3D model.

There is also a lot scripting work in the pipeline like a startup script to get consistent program settings throughout the shipyard, and scripts to automate the modeling process even more.
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You'll never do a project like this one alone.

Without the commitment and motivation of Lambertus Oosterveen it would have never been possible to achieve all this.
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