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For years, Marvis Yachting has worked sucessfully with a parametric ShipConstructor, AutoCad, MultiSurf system.
Parts are produced with a CNC plasma cutter
Tobias Nagel and his flexible use of Rhinoceros are the perfect addition to this setup.

The trawler Grietje
In 2007 Tobias got the order to model the portal-mast of the trawler and to lay out the parts for production.
This project is a good example how the services of Tobias can support an existing CAD system.
"Grietje" is designed and realized by W. Das Consultancy.
For more information about this and other projects see:
In yacht building, especially the high-class segment, 3D visualization is quite common. In professional shipbuilding, it's seldom used.
The 3D model of the portal-mast is a good example that visualization can have very practical benefits.

“The new owner of the ship was looking fascinated at the picture of the beamer.
For him it was important: What can I see of my man down there on the deck and can he see me?”

In the end Tobias did also the navigation-mast and the lettering of the bow.
“The lettering and stripes are modeled live with the owner next to me. Its so great how easy you can move objects around on the hull with Rhino, till the client is perfectly satisfied.”
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