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No Limit interior Since build 1
Tobias Nagel is involved in the design and production of the interior of No Limit Ships.
First as a pure "analog" cabinet maker and then, since build 6, more and more digital. Today the 3D model has become a fixed component in the workflow of the shipyard with different goals:
Clarity for the customer
Everyone will understand a 3D model.
Especially if you add materials and light.

The work of Tobias Nagel makes it possible to provide an exceptional visualization service for the client.
CNC production
The interior of build 9 is completely done using CNC production.

“It was a test. How far you can go with CNC.”

The outcome was that a healthy mix of CNC and traditional handwork is the most efficient approach for custom-build yachts like the No Limits.

A ship will always be a ship!
Quality and efficiency
Standard 2D drawings left a lot of room for misinterpretations. The extra costs of the resulting corrections always came down to the shipyard.
The use of 3D models as the main communication medium significantly improves the quality and ensures a 100% satisfaction of the client.
Printed drawings on scale
While offering the same precision, 2D drawings generated from a 3D model are much more meaningful and easier to understand than traditional linework.

Tobias takes care of all interior prints at No Limit. For the client, the yard and the workfloor.
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