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Ecolution Ecolution
The Ecolution of Wubbo Ockels was one of the most interesting projects of the last years.
Like all projects from Wubbo Ockels the Ecolution stood for modernization and innovation.
The goal was to build an 'autonomic' ship suitable to live on which could sail around the whole world.
The 3D model was the key component of this project's design and engineering process. 
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Royal Huisman Shipyard
Royal Huisman Shipyard
Royal Huisman Shipyard builds mega-yachts of world top standard. The size and complexity of Huisman ships demands a close co-operation between architects, designers and the different departments of the shipyard.
Royal Huisman asked Tobias Nagel to set up a central 3D environment to collect all that information. 
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The image on top...
The 'sheets' in the top image are part of a game called Atlantis.

The pieces are modeled in Rhino and produced with a CNC router. The image was rendered with Vray for Rhino.

“This is to show the variety of projects I am doing. It's not just shipbuilding.
I have done the weirdest stuff like a professional dollhouse...”

“And there is this nice ongoing project to build a carpentry workshop in Serowe / Botswana which I'm planning to give its own page here.”
No Limit Ships
No Limit Ships The name No Limit was well chosen. From the beginning, the yard has prioritized the streamlining of its design and production process, with a seemingly 'no limits' approach.
The close cooperation with Tobias Nagel has made it possible to provide an exceptional level of service which also facilitates an efficient level of production. 
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Marvis Yachting Marvis Yachting
Marvis Yachting builds custom yachts and professional ships using modern CNC technology.
The services of Tobias are the perfect addition to this high-tech approach.

The chosen project, the multi purpose shelter-deck trawler "Grietje", is a good example that 3D design has a future even in building ships for professionals. 
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By the way...
“No Limit and Marvis have played an important role in my development from cabinet maker to 3d specialist.”

See the biography on the company page.
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