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“Rhinoceros, NURBS modeling for Windows, by Robert McNeel & Associates is my software of choice. It offers the flexibility and precision needed for the kind of work I am doing.

I do all my CAD work in Rhino. There is no need for any other software. All drawings and renderings you see on this site are done with Rhino.”

Training & Consulting
Tobias Nagel is an authorized Rhino trainer offering consulting and custom training tailored to the particular needs of the client.
Popular courses:
  • Rhino for AutoCAD© users
  • From 2D drawings to a Rhino 3D model
  • View, navigate 3dm files and extract data
  • Standard Level-I and Level-II training
Rhino programming
You could call it the 4th dimension in Rhino... If there is still certain functionality missing within the hundreds of Rhino commands most of the time it can be scripted.

One programming project was for example a simple but effective component management solution for the Ecolution.
Bongo animation plug-in from McNeel
Vray for Rhino render plug-in from ASGvis
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It just happened...
“I have never planned to give Rhino lessons. It actually just happened.
People started asking for advice and training out of them selfs. Now I'm getting more and more experienced in this work.

I'll come and visit my clients to analyze their special needs and then find the right ways to get there.

Contact me for information about pricing and dates.”
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